Mel Ellison


Welcome to my homepage!


     Displayed on these pages are a collection of some of my favorite photos taken during my travels around the world, both on land and as skipper of chartered sailboats. I also have the good fortune of living in San Francisco, one of the most scenic areas in the world, and many of my photos are from the unique perspective of sailing the very challenging and picturesque San Francisco Bay.

      For me, photography is an endless journey in which I'm always learning, evolving, and growing. The DSLR camera, a wonderfully complex and incredibly versatile instrument, is my friendly and useful assistant in this endeavor, and it's mastery the key that opens the door to real artistic freedom and creativity.   

     A few months ago, a prestigious worldwide Fine Art website added my photos to their lineup, which has resulted in many sales around the world. Although the reception my photos received was very encouraging, my problem is the lack of control I have over the quality of the product they provide, as well as the price they charge. That’s why I’m creating this website, so that I can offer the best possible reproductions at the lowest price. I won’t reach as many least at I do on that Fine Art site, but I’m comforted by knowing that people who appreciate my work enough to spend their hard-earned money, are getting the very best reproduction.

     I hope you enjoy my photos! I would appreciate hearing your thoughts via my email. Simply click the envelope icon found at the bottom of each page. Please stop by from time to time as this site is always evolving and changing with new photos added all the time. Thanks for coming by!